Done with Simon Game!

I’ve gotten really, really familiar with using the setTimeout method. :wink: As always, feedback welcome!

It looks as though the game works the way it should. However, I find the use of the alert box to be very disruptive to game play.

Happy coding!

Yeah, I wanted some kind of notification that the user made a wrong move and that the sequence was going to repeat itself–do you have a different suggestion for how I could make that happen that isn’t super disruptive? (Would a modal be better?)

i think the example project uses a irritating “BUZZZZZ” to indicate by sound that this was not the correct move.

nice css there! respect!

I kind o also struggled with trying to figure out the best way to notify players on this challenge. For my game, I had the count screen blink “–” a couple of times before starting the sequence over.

However, @ronstarcool suggestion of having a buzz, may also be a good solution. The reason that I choose not to use a buzz for a wrong move is because I wanted to use the audio affect for people when they lost the game. I felt that using a sound for multiple purposes might be confusing and I didn’t want to add another audio asset to the game.

@ronstarcool and @sceadgugenga - thanks for the suggestions! I’ll look into alternatives and see what I want to implement. :slight_smile: