Finally done! Simon Game! Please Review!


I was finally successful in developing this game-webpage from scratch! All logic, Design,… everything by myself! Please play it and leave your valuable feedback!


I like the design quite a bit. It’s different from most and looks good. There are a couple things that I think could make it better regarding functionality.

First, the buttons are partially overlapped by the counter in the middle resulting in part of the visible area of the buttons, which I’d naturally try to click on, being unclickable. I’ve seen this on a lot of the Simon projects.

Next I’d like better feedback when I’ve made a mistake. On normal mode, it seems like nothing happens if I press bad input. The example listed on the challenge description page makes an error sound and then replays the sequence. On strict mode it’s better. You might consider making the text red while it blinks, but that’s just my opinion.

It seems to work well aside from those points, nice work!

Thanks for the input ivthefourth! I think the flashing red to indicate the wrong input was a good touch.

I did notice that for the buttons too. Right now I am not really sure how to fix that. I definitely need to look into that.