Done with Technical documentation page, feedback apreciated

Hello, Here’s my technical documentation page.

I think you’ve done a good job. It responds well.
What I’d say is that at full HD desktop screen width, the main div is rather wide in terms of readable content. Take a look at MDN. The entire content area does not cover 100% of the screen width on a desktop. Even this forum doesn’t do that.
Take a look at mine. I tried to avoid using the full width on larger screens. On smaller screens it does cover almost all of the width.

I looked at yours, I like the way the nav bar hides itself, although i still coudn’t figure out what code to change to make mine not display 100% at wide screen, would love if you could show me.

All you need to do is add a width to your #main-doc selector. You may need to amend it in your query selectors as well to the width you prefer.