Don't Know how to import a Font not on google fonts

Is there any way to Import a font type from other websites other than Google Fonts? I wanted to install a font type on another website, but is stuck on how to import it and use it.
Please Help!

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Hi @kevonilo345.

You can use a font from your server, but that’s not possible if you are using codepen.

If you want to embed the font even if it is not in users computer you cold do it through CSS. First you register the font in order to be available:

@font-face {
 font-family: 'Font Family Name';
  src: url(http://yoursite/style/fonts/font.ttf);

After that you can use it in html elements in your site with a CSS rule:

h1 { 
font-family: 'Font Name', 'alternative1';