Dot Net Core class

Hello friends,

A recruiter I trust more than most recently recommended that I start learning about .NET Core. I’ve no idea where to start on this, so I tried searching for some courses on Udemy. Can anyone recommend a particular course on the subject, or point me in the direction of some solid resources? I’m willing to drop a few bucks on a class.

I’m a Full Stack ASP.Net MVC Developer, meaning I handle the database, Front-End and Back-end coding. It’s easy to pickup the basics of ASP.Net Core development. However, ASP.Net Core Enterprise development is whole different story. There are a lot of design patterns you will need to learn like Repository pattern, Clean Architecture pattern, Dependency Injection.

If you are still interested, here is list of courses you can go through.

The Complete C# and Object-Oriented Programming Course (FREE)
The one and only course you need to learn C# and object-oriented programming (C# From A To Z | Downloadable Source Code)

Introduction to ASP.Net Core (FREE)
Learn the basics of ASP.Net Core by build CRUD Projects using MVC and Razor Pages with Entity Framework Core

ASP.Net Core MVC, Quick and Practical (FREE)
This is a practical course to learn ASP.Net Core MVC, rapidly and deeply.

Learn .NET Core 3 By Building A Simple Notebook Application (FREE)
Identity Framework, EF Core, & .NET core 3.1!

ASP .NET Core, building REST APIs (FREE)
Build full web app with .NET Core and Entity Framework

Complete ASP.Net Core 3.1 and Entity Framework Development ($$$)
Learn ASP.Net Core 3.1 and Entity Framework by building a practical Employee Leave Management System.

I saw this post and wanted to drop a quick line. Responses here are good. I wanted to say check out Mosh Hamedani if you get a second. Very good .NET focused courses. They cost, but it’s good to see his material. He has courses on design patterns, entity framework, and NUnit as well as ASP.Net. He has some free stuff on youtube as well.

I am learning .Net core right now as well. I looked at the course on Udemy and didn’t find them to be very throughout or up to date. I also read through many of the documentation on Microsoft and found not to be my style.

Personally I would recommend Pluralsight. It is very thorough, in content. You can get 1 month for free by following the instruction in this medium post. Basically, you make a Microsoft account to use Visual Studio, and you get a month for free. Whether you decide to continue with it after that is up to you.