Doubt about "make an image responsive" challenge

Hello guys, I’m working on the challenge I cite at the title and I’ve tried a few different options but it’ll always return me the same answer:

I didn’t have that “display: block;” at the start.

I tried to change width values, reset the challenge several times… I don’t know what am I missing… Help please?

Please do not post images, but code when asking for help. Also, link to the challenge. When you need help with the challenges you can click “Get Help” and then “Ask for help”. This will make a forum thread with your code and some information.

If you are using Edge update it to the latest version that is using Chromium or try Chrome or Firefox for the curriculum.

Tlhanks for your answer!

I actually got here via “Get help” and “Ask for Help” but it made me create an account so I never found out I had to close and re-open it like that so it creates the link…

I will post codes from now on, thanks!

And it worked out well in Chrome. Thanks a lot for bothering! :smiley: