Drum-machine. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Have a safe holiday.
I ask you for a feedback on this Drum-machine project. But after your holidays.

Love the idea of having bird calls for the sounds but the clips are way too long so it makes it impossible to tell if the drum machine is actually working properly. I think they should probably not last more than a second or so.

Also, anything that produces sound should have a volume control, so I would highly recommend you add that.

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Thank you for your feedback! I have changed sounds. It is a drum-machine now.

I like it and made some nice beats :smiley:

Just the attack comes delayed, so it is not possible to make fast beats.

Edit: I dont mean the attack, I mean the sound is not triggering fast enough, probably because the samples are to long or you need to enable that the same sound can play multiple times at ones.

Thanks a lot! Is it better now? The current time was not set to zero for keydown events. I have also added preload attribute. It looks like it really works.

Yes it is much better, great job!! I love it :heart_eyes:

Do you also programm a trigger sequence for the drum machine?

Edit: Q and D are great for DnB :blush:

Would be cool if you programm a step sequencer with around 170BPM and then use this sequence here:

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I do not familiar with the trigger sequence, but it seems it is related with the playing of the same file two or more times.

I played around with some hardware sequencer or the build in sequencer in fruity loops or ableton, but I dont know how to programm this…

It looks interesting but I have to learn the triggering and the meaning of this notation.

It looks good @gennadiy.w. Some things to revisit;

  • User cannot access with any of the keys until at least one key has been pressed with the mouse
  • There is no keyboard access. That is, if I tab through the only key that gets focus is the volume key. None of the other keys get focus.

Thank you! The keys are navigable by the tabulation now.

Each of the drumpads should be a <button> instead of a <div>. Putting a click event handler on a <div> does not provide true keyboard accessibility. If you change them to <button>s then you get that accessibility back. As you tab through the buttons you should be able to press either the space bar or enter key to trigger the sound of the currently focused button. Making these actual <button>s will get you that.

Thank you! I see it now. The space is working.

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