Just finished my Drum Machine Project-Need Review


I have just finished the Drum Machine project, and would l appreciate it if you’d have some feedback.

Thank you for your time.

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Hey there,

nice user interface,
I like it!

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thanks for leaving such a wonderful review


Love your project, had fun playing with it! The design is nice, and overall works well! I would say mission accomplished haha. It might be more ergonomic to split the keys up, or use the numpad for the inputs. Might make it a little easier to play/mimic a Launchpad.

If you plan on adding to it, maybe a function to record the drums in a looping sequence would be cool too! But that also sounds like a lot of work too.

I love little music makers like this, I have spent a good amount of time playing around on the Chrome Music Lab; your project reminded me of that. If you havent seen that it might give you some inspiration for your next musical project!


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Thank you so much for this great review :heart:, and the great ideas that you presented.

I’ll try my best.

:bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet:

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