Drum Machine (Frontend Libraries Projects) - Feedback Needed!

Hi! I’ve finished my Drum Machine! Feel free to check my code criticize it and give me your feedback as if you were my boss! Every feedback you can give me! i’ll appreciate it! Thank you! Here is my code:

Hey @mariajoseamir!

Congrats on finishing the drum machine project.

One small thing that I noticed is that when I clicked on the buttons the sound worked fine and the name showed up. But when I tried to do the same with the keyboard the name would not show up.

It would be nice to have the name show up for the keyboard presses.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

Thank you for your feedback i didn’t notice it! I will check on my code and see what happens thank you!

Thank you @jwilkins.oboe for your feedback! I’ve checked my code and i fixed it! now the name of the sound shows up when you press the key! Thank you for your time and for checking my code! I appreciate it! Here is my code!

Happy coding!