Front End Library Drum Machine

I am having the hardest time with the front end library projects. It seems that most of the projects need a TON of research outside of the curriculum and it is hard to lineup with what i have learned already with the research as it many times has different ideas than was taught.

The drum machine, i dont even know where to begin. Anyones help to point me in the right direction would be so helpful

my drummachine codepen

DrumMachine2 (

yh,me too,like a lottttttt

lol im so lost. its such a great course, i think im just so bad at technology i have an extra hard time

yh it is,but i dont think its you its so broad that u need a ton of research

thanks that makes me feel a little better. but i still thnk a lot of it is me lol.

ive gotten closer. i have them making sounds. next step is making the keys make the sounds.

Wow,congrats,im still scratching my brain over here,it looks nice by the way.Also i think we will need event listener keydown

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