Drum machine project cannot use react bootstrap


I am trying to use react- bootstrap on my application in CODEPEN and I can’t make it to render it, please help! this is the link to my project


I would really suggest you use StackBlitz or CodeSandbox for React.

That is the comment I see everywhere, thanks for the suggestion. I have never passed these projects on another sandbox, is it the same when providing the link to verify completion of the project?

Yes, but now that I think about it there are some issues with the test script and CodeSandbox.

I’d suggest using the Vite React template on StackBlitz, it should work just fine with the tests and you can submit the project just like with Codepen.

Edit: They have a direct URL for the template, I totally forgot (pretty clever of them to grab that domain)


Just as an aside, I believe you have to use the package.json file or open a new terminal and use npm to install packages when using the Vite template. The other React starter templates they have adds a box you can use to add more dependencies. But they use Webpack and that seems to break with our test script for some reason.

You do also have the option to code it locally and then upload it to some free host. Using either create-react-app or Vite you run the build command and then upload the output folder it makes. It can be used on any static host site (e.g. Netlify, Surge.sh, or GitHub pages).

Netlify and Vercel also have starter templates

thanks for the info, I will try to use it and I will tell you how it goes. Remember that I want to use react-bootstrap, does it work fine here?

Yes it works just fine. Click the + down at the bottom right to open a new terminal. Follow the install and usage instructions from the introduction page.

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