Drum Machine, project feedback

Hi Team,

i’ve done a drum machine project, with React, Hooks and Context API … please check it out and feedback.


when i open it it gives allot of failures to load…

Pretty cool stuff man.
One problem though, Z, X, and C don’t work for me. The buttons are fine but the sounds don’t fire.

Thank you for the feedback @KittyKora , … i’ve moved the project to codepen, … check it out when you have time: https://codepen.io/RyzorBent/full/LYPoaKM

Nice job! Are you going to make the buttons clickable with the mouse too?

Also it would be nice if they were positioned like the keys of the keyboard - in a 3x3 grid - instead of a line.

Hi @stressstressstress, thank you for the feedback, i’ve worked on it … take a look


Looks great! And now clicking them works, nice job.

it works now looks cool bro very addicting 2

As mentioned earlier clickable buttons would be nice, but on narrow screens your buttons overflow their container. Maybe add a couple media queries to update the layout for different screen sizes.

Thank you for the feedback @pschorey, i’ve made the project now responsive to mobile: https://codepen.io/RyzorBent/full/LYPoaKM