Feedback on my drum machine!

I’m making another one tomorrow (diff. design of course) with vanilla JS because I want to get better at it and not rely too much on frameworks, but here’s my finished React drum machine!

It’s not perfect and definitely not responsive but I like it :smiley:

Let me know what your thoughts are, please! I’m planning a massive cleanup of my projects in the upcoming weeks so I can fix all the little things I don’t like on my code and finally put together a portfolio and start job hunting! :smiley: so I’ll be making a note of your suggestions.

Thanks in advance!!!

I should be able to click on the keys fast and the sound start over. Your sounds play through and can not hear instance of the same sound until the current sound finishes playing (most obvious on the Chord sound). Think about how you could stop the current sound if the same key is pressed before the sound finishes and then replay the sound.

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Fixed! Thanks! :smiley:

Lacking the Power button and volume slider too.

Thanks!! yeah, left them out because they weren’t required for the tests and I wanted to finish it quickly, I’m trying to get one project per day done, but will definitely keep this in mind!