Feedback for my React Drum Machine Project

Hello there,

This is my first project in React and was hoping to get some feedback. Here’s the direct link React Drum Machine.

I added some color/shape animations that play when you press/click keys beyond FCC requirements. The idea came from Colt Steele’s Web Dev Bootcamp on Udemy which I did a while back ago, and I thought it would be cool to integrate it with the FCC project (attributed lines from Colt’s code along project in comments on JS file on codepen). The drum machine should be responsive (although for devices smaller than 275px width, it starts to break). Any feedback would be super appreciated because I am trying to polish off a few more projects and make a job application push soon!

That’s so cool man. I didn’t read the description at first so the dynamic shapes kinda took me by surprise.
Nice and simple UI too. Good luck on your job search. Do you have a portfoliio?

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