Drum Machine should pass but gets 6/8... IT'S OK NOW

It’s OK


Link to the challenge:

Please tell us what the problem was - maybe it will help someone else.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your response.
Nothing educational really.

  1. I had an id instead of className for the pads.
  2. I don’t remember ( a pity codepen doesn’t support git-github, like codesandbox ). Maybe it was that I had in my audio tag another sound tag where I had my src for the sound. Then I realized that it wasn’t needed and I deleted it.

I read your article on your first job… so I’m using git-github now, while I’m learning React ( on Visual Studio Code).

I deleted that codepen because it was a spoiler. I hope that’s OK.

If there is anything educational from this story, that would probably be the fact, that I wrote everything again from
scratch. Also checking in every step if I was passing the tests.

Thanks again :wink: