So i finished the project

i just recently finished the drum machine project in the front end development libraries class. problem being the code i wrote works just like the example… but it doesent use

We would need to see your code in order to help you. Can you give us a link to wherever you are storing your code? Also, can you be a little more specific about the problem you are having?

weird it cut out the rest of my message… well as i was saying the code i wrote works as intended but it doesent use the audio tag so it fails the later results.

that is pretty much the gist of how it works. and from trying it out it seems to work fine, but again i didnt use the audio tags and was wondering if i just have to rewrite the whole thing or if this is acceptable?

can you share code, it is easier to debug

Please do not post images of code. Post the actual code either on some platform like Stackblitz/CodeSandbox or a GitHub repo.

You have to use audio elements, not the Audio constructor.

You should not submit the project until it is passing all the tests. It must pass the tests.

oh sorry, first time posting, i did the pictures cause i wrote it all in vscode and dont have it uploaded anywhere yet. on a seperate note i redid a good chunk of it because lasjorg said i have to and got most the tests to pass except the 6th one. imma try to get it to work and if not come back and post more questions on the subject.

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