Drum-Machine Tests 2022

I’m having some trouble with passing the test (pasted below) for the Drum-Machine project though my code works perfectly and meets User Story 6 requirements.

"User Story #6: When I press the trigger key associated with each .drum-pad, the audio clip contained in its child audio element should be triggered (e.g. pressing the Q key should trigger the drum pad which contains the string “Q”, pressing the W key should trigger the drum pad which contains the string “W”, etc.). "

posted test code below:

const keyCodes = [81, 87, 69, 65, 83, 68, 90, 88, 67];

audioElements.forEach((el, i) => {
          __triggerEvent(el.parentElement, 'keydown', keyCodes[i]);
          __triggerEvent(el.parentElement, 'keypress', keyCodes[i]);
          __triggerEvent(el.parentElement, 'keyup', keyCodes[i]);
            'No audio plays when the ' + el.id + ' key is pressed '

I’m on VS Code /React 18.2.0 /Node 18.9.0. My approach was to use if//else statements and useEffect //with a dependency array and cleanup function to add an event listener that calls back the function on ‘keydown’. For each ‘keydown’ i reset currentTime = 0, setTimeout, and cleared timeout at the bottom of the function. When looking at your test code on your repo, I think the el.pause is the issue or the use of .keyCodes since most browsers have deprecated it.

Your test code throughs an error = “Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause().” Which I think is making #6 fail.

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can you post the codepen you are using? (I’m assuming that’s what you are using)

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