DSA specialization courses on edx vs coursera offered by USSanDiego

Hi i am looking at 2 specializations offered by US San Diego on edx and coursera, but i dont understand which covers most content, like which is most upyo date and provides a wider coverage of subjects.

plz help me evaluate them, i would be grateful.

I have intermediate experience in c/c++ and beginners experience in Data structures and algo, i plan to make it sturdy and do competitive programming and become super dooper pro in it, so i want to make a sturdy base or wall or whatever. plz help…thanks in advance

after my personal analysis of topic names i have come to a conclusion that coursera lacks some of the content which is in edx in USSanDiego’s corse on DSA, i would say by 10%, difference is not much, i will write proper analysis after i complete edx xourse along with some parts in coursera after 7-8 months.

some topics which seems not covered in coursera course are added together in single course in coursera while they are seprate entity in edx course

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