Early project feedback with questions

This is the link to one of the personal portfolio projects I am working on https://codepen.io/gabeskates/pen/LMdXGG?editors=1100 I know it has a long way to go before ready.
So I am hoping for both feedback as well as advice. plus a touch of guidance

One of my problems with it is, I cant figure out why the " For further information, or to contact me" is all coming out underlined.
I am planning on tearing down and starting over, but keep doing the same things

The error lies with your links to your website within your code :

Where you have used an a and img tag you need to close them otherwise it thinks your text ‘for further information’ is also linked to your website.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much
I really appreciate the help

Also, the link to the contact me section isn’t working – you tell the a to go to #contact, but then you name that section #further.

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Yes,Thank you. I was just trying random things and have not gotten back to that .yet But I am glad you pointed it out I probably would have forgotten to check. Much appreciated

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Sorry if I am replying twice just wanted to be sure my reply went to you I thank you for your help. It is very appreciated. I have only been doing this for about a month and a half. Maybe two. It is easy for me to feel lost sometime. And it is nice to have people to provide feedback and help.
Thanks, Gabe.

Rofl no worries, @gabeskates. I got it, and I get it. Starting out on this grand adventure can be overwhelming. Just know, by joining the forums (fora?), you’ve got a network supporting you.

Best of luck!