Ecommerce website (react + node)

Hi guys,

Please could you give some feedback to my website?
Admin (user: admin, psw: admin):

On Admin backend, you can create update delete products.

Thank you guys your feedback is important :slight_smile:

looks good so far, tried a few of the links, actually kinda wanna buy a rainbow paint shirt… and i dont even like wearing shirts!

but everything that i clicked on worked fine, all it needs is a bit of tarting up :+1:


Haha thanks. What do you mean by tarting up? adding more fun feeling to website?


good question, haha, basically just means making look better… but by that, i dont mean it looks terrible as it currently stands, i’d just definitely say you have the skill in you to make it stand out a bit more.

Have a look at some of the big name clothes stores websites, and hopefully you’ll see what i mean.

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Thanks :slight_smile: i ll improve the design

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