Editing JS object property name-value pairs in a PDF form

I am presently using a JS object converted to a JSON string stored inside a hidden text field residing on a PDF form. The data contained in the JS object is accessed by parsing (converting) the JSON string to a JS object to assign property name-value pairs to PDF form fields associated with a JS object property name-value pairs. In short, the PDF form is similar to (performs like) a database front end to view and edit data stored in the JS object property name-values similar to a back end in a database program application. While the PDF form initially performed as intended (similar to a database app) allowing me to use a 1-page PDF form with a small footprint as opposed to creating a multi-page PDF form containing 100 pages or more with a much larger file to match, the PDF form suddenly failed to write values from the form fields to the JS object property name-value pairs as b4 in which event values recently written to form fields tend to disappear upon changing the data viewed and returning back to the previous view. Needless to say, I’ve tried just about everything to date to troubleshoot the issue at hand including but not limited to checking for viruses and malware, uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Acrobat, using Acrobat’s built-in installation repair option, testing memory, etc. all to no avail. I should also add that no changes had been made to the code/scripts prior to this sudden behavior and no syntax, undefined, or other errors are known to exist. Sorry for the novel but I would really like to resolve this issue to restore the PDF to its initial operating condition. Given what I am trying to do in using a JS object in a PDF form in this manner is Greek to most people in the Acrobat community , I am hoping someone well versed in JS and JS objects in this forum will be able to shed some light as to what may be causing this problem. Thank you ahead of time.

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  • what have you tried for this as part of troubleshooting?
  • its always better to share codebase when seeking this kind of help
  • are you using any third party libraries for that PDF handling process?
  • can you physically see those data after editing?
  • what kind of error does it shows?

happy coding :slight_smile:

Resolved. In short it was related to my JS and by not taking a break, I had become so stiry eyed that I was unable to readily see the minor changes I had made in my JS that were literally causing issues I initially believed to be unrelated to the scripts. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion. In short, all JS object methods work as intended. Thankfully, none of the issues described in my initial post had anything to do with the JS object methods not performing as intended.

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