Electric Car Charging Javascript


Im creating a webpage that you select your vehicle which then allocates its total KWH capacity. You then enter the charge rate ie 7kwh, 11kwh, 22kwh etc and then your start percentage and the percentage you want to stop at. How would I go about doing this in Javascript? I have my html code done but really struggling on how to implement the actual function of what I want… Im doing this in codepen… I’ve been studying the Javascript portion of freecodecamp but just blocked with where to actually start or how to implement this…

the JS portion of the curriculum is focused purely on JS, but doesnt teach you how to intertwine it with HTML and CSS, its the frontend section that starts on that part. There also isnt FCC lessons to introduce you to basic DOM manipulations, so you need to either progress more with FCC(past the pure JS section), or take on a course elsewhere, to be able to implement what you want to do.
The FCC JS section can provide you all you need to know, in order to write the logic you design, but implementing it into a web page is another topic.

Aha! Thank you! I gathered as much as instead of just trying to muscle through it I gave up and carried on with freecodecamp javascript portion instead.


Some links to help learn about plain DOM manipulation (no frameworks).


YouTube search: dom manipulation in javascript

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