ELI5 webpack with autoprefixer

Does anyone have a guide that I can follow or use to get webpack working and do something simple like just use an autoprefixer? I keep finding out of date videos. Or ways to use webpack with something that is way beyond my ability to comprehend.

I’ve wasted a lot of time with Grunt/Gulp too. I really just need to be explained like I’m 5 years old how to get webpack to work with something simple like with an minify-css or something please!

Thank you for any help or links you may have! I am so frustrated and give up after trying so many times to figure out which task runner to use and then trying to use it and failing or getting stuck with errors/old syntax.

Hi Lizard,
As far as your question goes… what exactly your trying to define here, in what ways will you use autoprefixer, what i mean to be more specific is like… Do you want to set it up, in order to used ? in your setup environment/also to be able to test it if it works? i Use Gulp in order to do Autoprefixer, its better and more simple although you need some basic configuration. Here is a link on the setup and installation. Please let me know so i can help in any. I also was very frustrated as well but i found it very handy and easy to use. Hope it helps…

Thank you for your reply!

I dug through some gulp documentation and was finding that gulp is indeed much simpler looking than webpack. The only problem is, everywhere I look, everyone is saying gulp is obsolete and that webpack is what everyone will be using in the future. So even though it’s super frustrating to understand and learn right now, I’m thinking that I need to learn it anyways?

Maybe that’s just not true and I don’t need to learn webpack until I’m a paid developer on a large project?

I will follow your link. I think what I need to learn is to make sure my website images are compressed properly, the css and js are all minified/optimized and that an autoprefixer for css is added so that my websites will run on multiple browsers and older browser versions.

edit: Wow! Finally I have an autoprefixer! Gulp is super simple with that guide. I have struggled with this for weeks. Feels good man.

Hello Lizard,

Hope i can help. I believe the more tools you know the better and i do believe gulp its very, important in today’s technology, its more better to understand. I use it all the time. Webpack its also an alternative but also good. I think Gulp its better on Compile Sass, Less, Stylus, PostCSS, Pug, Autoprefixer, and nested CSS, this will help you be more productive on CSS and Code. hope it helps really.

Thank you so much for the reply. I had been struggling with webpack for weeks and last year struggling with grunt and gulp for months. I kept giving up on those types of tools.

If finally clicked with that simple guide you sent me! I will definitely use Gulp for the new compile steps I will be using.