EloquentJS vs YDKJS? When to study what?

When initially starting with web development I was pointed to EloquentJS book and did about 5 chapters or so (which seemed to cover the basics).

Soon after I discovered FCC and started in earnest and then found the excellent courselist by @P1xt and have now started with the YDKJS books as per those instructions.

I really like both books but am conflicted about which one to study first, or in what order to incorporate these two books into my studies. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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If you know the basics of JavaScript jump to YDKJS otherwise, read Eloquent JavaScript first.

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If you know the very basics of JavaScript, go straight ahead to YDKJS. If you know absolutely nothing about JavaScript you can do the CodeAcademy courses or the curriculum of FCC. YDKJS covers JavaScript deeply. It’s an excelent book series.

I haven’t read Eloquent JavaScript, but I have heard some people struggle with this book, that is hard and such. If you want to continue reading Eloquent JavaScript, read until chapter 11, it’s the end of section 1 that covers the language. Then go to YDKJS. That will cover the knowledge of the language itself but nothing about the DOM and browser. You can read this book for that matter: DOM Enlightenment.

In any case you should read YDKJS, Eloquent Javascript doesn’t cover ES6.


Thank you for the detail. :slight_smile:

Eloquent Javascript is not the best option for novice JS developers. MDN’S Guide, Speaking Javascript, Beginning Javascript are much better for that purpose.
As was suggested above, YDKJS is the only resources you might need on advanced JS once you have grasped the basics. I believe that your expertise in Javascript after having read the whole YDKJS series will be much broader than that of most developers