Email HTML Displaying Incorrectly On Iphone

Hi everyone

Complete HTML beginner here and hoped you could assist me please. I’m having problems with the way some of our HTML displays in email on iPhones. It seems to stack the text within the HTML on mobile, which doesn’t look too great as I’m sure you will agree.

This only appears to be an issue with iPhone mail and I wondered whether there was a way to stop this from happening - perhaps by adding code that automatically adjusts the text size so it fits?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks very much


It’s been years since I was an email designer but I’m sure you have to be explicit with the TD widths with email.

Responsive wasn’t even a thing when I worked in this field but surely you can set the TD width when it hits a certain screen size?

Yes, thanks Aries - that’s what I was thinking. Currently the width is set to 100% or auto. Does anyone know the coding that would achieve what you’re suggesting? Thanks again. Mark