Embed Dynamic numbers in embedded google map Need Urgent Help


This is my page link:- http://almdesign-dev.in/tracklcl/
Tracking Code:- JJI.1
I want that the below number of latitude and longitude of map should show in embedded google map
and the below numbers are displaying form this link:-

Thanks in Advance

First of all I think you should use Google Maps API instead of placing a map in iframe

I am new in this it will be more help full if you guide me how to do it

So you want to dynamically display a location based on some lattitude and longitude or IP address? Because I don’t quite understand what your goal is…

My page displays google cordinates(22.079,82.139) as results, I would like to display the output as google map instead (as it appears here, http://maps.google.com/?q=22.079,82.139)

also you can refer my code


function changeChannel(){
  document.getElementById("twitchFrame").src = "" +document.getElementById("channel").value;
function changeloca(){
  document.getElementById("Mapframe").src = "" +document.getElementById("channel").value;


Track Your Consignment:
<input type="text" id="channel"></input>
<button type="button" onClick="changeChannel(); changeloca();">Submit</button><br><br>



  1. Set up your account at https://developers.google.com/
  2. Get your API key for Google Maps API
  3. Display your map and write a function that takes your coordinates as an input
  4. You’re done: :slight_smile:
    I set up an example for you here:

Thanks for your help

However i am looking at pulling google map coordinates from web page (DOM) and display as a map through google map api

That’s exactly what you can do with the function I gave you :slight_smile:
Just get the coordinates from DOM and pass to the map.placeMarkers() function.

How Can i Fetch Content from page it will be change according tracking code

I can share my file to look into if you need

First of all is there any other way to fetch these coordinates apart from an iframe? Because you cannot access contents of an iframe if it is fetched from different domains than yours

This is the link to fetch the tracking code (This will keep changing).

Yes it Is on a different domain, Is it possible fetch the coordinates from this page?
Once I have pulled the coordinates i would like to display it just like your example

The problem with iframe is that when you fetch it from another domain security rules won’t let you to access it with javascript. I think I’ve seen a workaround using PHP and file_get_contents() but I’m not sure if it’s 100% valid solution. Maybe you can find an API that returns JSON or XML instead of IFRAME?