Embedded dev struggling in a web-first world

Hello everyone! I am an engineer in Toronto who’s worked at multiple companies, usually doing embedded software development or sometimes even hardware/circuit board design. I have been pretty successful and always adapted to new skills and tools. Sadly as I progress in my career (4 years after university now) I notice that Intermediate and Senior roles always demand specialization in a single language + framework and companies don’t seem to be open to general software devs anymore :frowning:

This is sad for me because I want to move from embedded to web technologies so that I can reach a larger audience/user-base and generally have more impact instead of building consumer electronics and gadgets.

Has anyone found a way to get over this hump? Do online portfolios help with this, for example? Are the Javascript projects you do in online courses good enough to showcase in a portfolio, or should it be “your own project” that you show off?

P.S. I am actually great at Python and am wondering if that is something I should be advertising more to companies in my search. What would I need to excel in with Python to get an Intermediate or Senior role? What do interviewers look for usually?

In short,
Yes, supplement curriculum projects with outside projects.

Many success stories say that they worked on open source projects and showcased projects that were outside of freeCodeCamp to supplement curriculum projects.

When I do the projects for freecodecamp, I always do more work than is required and try to utilize different syntax and play with it, and I have realized how little freecodecamp projects actually utilize, but it definitely gives a good foundation.