Web development or embedded systems engineering

hi everyone. I havent been too active in he curriculum lately because i kinda been doing alot of thinking for myself and whats the better career path for me. as i mentioned before I have an EE degree and joined this curriculum as a second chance in the tech industry by using the curriculum to learn web development . but i been researching stuff about embedded systems engineering. which kinda puts me in this rabbithole. I wanna learn web development and finish this curriculum. but im beginning to feel learning embedded systems might be a better fit for me due to my hardware background and can maybe revive my outdated degree if i can prove later down the road that i can build stuff. the one difference to the curriculum is me getting a arduino kit and messinbg around with C or C++ .

i understand what im asking might be unrelated to this group, but it still involves coding so i thought i ask what you guys think about this. I am inclinded to do both … complete the curriculum and learn embedded systems together.

Hello there,

You did not really ask a question :laughing: , but I assume it is just for advice based around the title, and will go with this:

[Should I continue with where I left off with the freeCodeCamp curriculum? Or, should I leave it for a new found interest in Embedded Systems Engineering?]

Do you want to learn web development solely because you have already started? Or, are you still interested in it?

Reason I ask is because, since the days of IoT, the overlap between Web Development and Embedded Systems Engineering has been increasing, and I see no reason either would not come in handy.

So, from a purely interest point of view, if you are interested in both fields, I think you could learn and use both.

From a career point of view, I suppose any extra you do in web development is less likely to be relevant, but that does depend on the job :man_shrugging:

Personally, I am interested in both Software Development and Embedded Systems, but, ultimately, it has been a lot easier to learn/practice web/software stuff than anything requiring hardware.

Hope this helps somewhat :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I agree on that software is much more easily accessible . All u need is a computer. For hardware u need development boards and electrical components and a logic analyzer . But least there not so expensive

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