Self-Introduction and some questions.. I am worried

Hey guys!
I just graduated with an Electrical Engineering Degree, while I was looking for an entry job in my field. I got bored ( still dont have a job) and started learning new things.
One of the things I started learning was web development. I always thought it was cool and wanted to give a shot at it.

I started doing the program curriculum here at freecodcamp, and I liked it even more and kept going.
I even thought about not finding a job in EE field and work on my web development skills and try to find a job as a front end or back end or full stack developer.

What do you guys think? am I thinking sane?

Hey, welcome to the community!

Realistically, it seems more likely that you’d be more employable in EE right now - so it seems to make sense to put at least half your energies into that to start paying the bills.

The other half of your energy can go into learning the skills required to be a successful and employable software engineer.

It can take a long time to learn to code sufficiently well to become a dev, and the job search for devs is not easy. By all means, give it a shot, but down put all your eggs in this basket when you’ve spent so much time already making another basket!

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I agree with JacksonBates, find a job in EE and just keep learning Web Development. Who knows maybe after getting a job in EE you find that you actually enjoy it and after a few months of Web Development you may find that it isn’t something you are not interested in.
You can always use your Web Dev skills as a side hustle later on.