Enter button is submitting form, rather than returning to continue typing

Name [text* your-name]
Email Address [email* your-email]
Subject [text* your-subject]
Message [text* your-message]

Send it

Hey there!,
Can you be more specific on whats the problem/ or what are you trying to accomplish here. I appreciate that.

<div class="float-label">
    <label class="align-left">Name</label>
    [text* your-name]

<div class="float-label">
    <label class="align-left">Email Address</label>
    [email* your-email]

<div class="float-label">
    <label class="align-left">Subject</label>
    [text* your-subject]

<div class="float-label">
    <label class="align-left">Message</label>
    [text* your-message]

<button type="submit" class="btn-tertiary">Send it</button>

This is what I have, I know I am missing something obvious that is driving me nuts. I basically have this for the form on wp, but folks are hitting the return key and it is sending the form early rather than allowing them to return a paragraph and keep typing.

Are you using JS for this ? because that might be the problem to this. you might be having a

event.keyCode == 13 to submitted the form, before entering next line

thats why your submitting it. you need to have in your form some validations… in order to make it work.
did you have the JS code?