Getting the submit button to work

hey guys, Ive been working on my portfolio page for a while now and im almost done. but i cant seem to get the submit button to send what the user inputs such as name, email, and a comment that they would like to make.

Can you share your current work so we can help?

Like the above said, post your code pen link.

My understanding is that the button will open a mail client to send the message and that it cannot send without a mail client.

Hello shiquann
It’s working when users click submit it is ask for mail client.

It’s working fine for me. Mailto can create problems with some browsers/email-clients though. They won’t work on all users’ computers. It could be that you don’t have an email client on your computer or your email client doesn’t communicate well with your browser.

Here’s more information about this issue:


thank you eveyone, i thought it was not working because it wasn’t popping up for me.