Just finished my portfolio, feedback appreciated!

Hi, here is my portfolio page, please let me know your thoughts.

Two things for now:

  1. I am not sure if I can set up working ‘contact me’ form where send button actually sends an email without any server side code running. Please advise.

  2. It seems that skype social button doesn’t work, i tried with a href=“skype:-skype-name-?chat” but onclick doesn’t take me to my account for some reason…

any ideas?


Yes, you do need a server to send an email. Most of us just left the functionality out until we can do it in the back-end ourselves, however it does look like there are api’s you can use (https://www.emailjs.com/).

Yeah, your Skype button does not work at all. It opens my Skype program (on my computer) and tries to call live# or something. This is because when you do skype:username, if the user has skype installed, it will actually call the “username” (which I don’t think is practical for your website).

ok thanks a lot,
I guess I will wait until I reach back end stuff to fix email issue,and most likely leave skype button out for now…

Check this out, maybe it will work:

Not the most secure, but if you don’t mind “hackers” seeing your email, go for it!

Alright, thanks Isaac really appreciate your feedback. I’m not gonna mess with the form for now, focusing on Javascript now.