Need help with front end project

I am on the second beginning front end development projects make a portfolio page simpler to the example. In the form section how do you make the destination of the form come to me in an email or something… If it’s a contact me form how do I make it functional and will the page actually be online and able to be seen by people anywhere?

This is a great question! The basic answer is “don’t worry about it right now, its not that important”. The long answer is below.

I assume the “contact-me” part of most people’s sites are fake, and are there just for show, as supporting this feature is actually a good amount of work. As being able to get this information will require some kind of backend, or server code. This server code is hosted somewhere on the internet and interacts with the front-end and does most of the “hard-work” such as security, session, sending emails, and making other external API calls. For this use-case (taking the form-data and sending you an email) you’d require at least a way to get that information from the form, where the front-end code sends the information to your back-end code. Then the backend code sends an email to you. This is required as if your front-end code could send an email to you, whats stopping from a bot spamming you? Or me spamming everyone with a fake site? This is where a server comes in, which can provide security features to prevent this from happening. (For example a server can only accept requests from your front-end code)

There’s many ways todo this but all of it requires a server beside sending the form-data to the backend (this can be done in just HTML) I won’t go into any potential way todo this as almost any sever-side project could support this feature, but its beyond the scope of what your generally learning at this stage of the curriculum. If you are curious about potential ways of doing this, just google “contact-form PHP” and there’s a million examples out there that show you the basics of whats required. (For PHP that is, doing it in any language is trivial and there are plenty of tutorials out there for other languages as well)

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Yep, @bradtaniguchi is all right,

You can use the html mailto: service that open the default user’s e-mail editor, but this practice is not very recommended