“Entry Level” Job Hunt

I’m currently learning HTML, CSS, and JS. After I learn a decent amount of JS I’ll go ahead and start with React or Node. I often check out for jobs around my area just to see how the job market is looking like, but all of the listed Entry Level positions require 2-3 years experience and about 4 different languages off knowledge. Is it me or are these too many requirements for an “entry level” position?

I would say apply anyway. I got my first job with no work experience. I moved after 7 months of that job. I got a second job based off that experience but was supposed to have a college degree and years of experience–both of which I did not have. Apply anyway!


Most job requirements are “nice to haves”. For example if you walk in with 2 year of experiences building full stack applications using React+Nodejs+SQL, using git, multiple teams, DevOps, Kubernetes on AWS, for a job requiring 5 years of experience, the company probably wont care because you were able to meet all the other requirements in a shorter amount of time which is impressive in its own right.

Not all job requirements are set in stone, just try to meet most of the requirements if you can and don’t worry about years of experience.

Plus how does one get experience if all jobs require experience :stuck_out_tongue:

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Had the same problem. Solved with relocation to the major city - way more opportunities for any skill level. You can apply to all positions you have around - let people, but not you decide if you fit their needs.