Need advice on job description and first step of interview

Hey guys, I applied for a job and the head of engineering has asked me to do a simple web application using React.js to work with an api they provide. The job description states ‘No experience with React.js required, we will teach you and provide mentoring’. I have just started learning React.js so I’m not really confident with it yet.

Should I message back stating that their job description doesn’t require me to know React.js or is it possible for me to learn enough React.js and build a simple web application? I will be given 5 days from when I agree to start but he has said it shouldn’t take that long but want to make sure I have enough time.

What should I do? The job seems like a good learning opportunity for me so I don’t want to mess it up.

Thanks so much in advance!

Hell No!

You spend the next 24hrs x 5days eating, drinking, learning anything that has to do with React, and completing the assignment given to you.

I’m with owel. It should be pretty simple anyways. They can’t be asking for anything complicated for free.

5 days is enough, you should spend 2 days learning React all day. Then the next days creating it.
For an interview i was asked to do Unit Testing, I had no idea what that was, turns out it is complicated but I spent 3 days just learning and i implemented something…I didn’t get that one job but that may be something you have to do on an actual job.

If you already got a good source of learning ignore this as I know sometimes too many sources can get a bit confusing but i have learned from this guy in the past and I think it’s a pretty good source: