React Dev interview

I have an interview for a remote position as React dev.
I am curious if anyone has interviewed for same position and if you are willing to share your experience with live coding.

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That’s great. good job with your interview and keep us updated!

Just an update. I had an Interview it was pretty simple. Livecoding type of interview divided into 3 segments,

  1. HTML, CSS -code pen some basic elements and styling of the elements. Little bit of flex-box for layout
  2. Javascript- I got a simulation of data from DB. Array with 10 objects and some properties. I had to get one property of specific object, and 2nd assignment was to get array of all names
  3. Last part was React- very basic staff. Also getting some data displaying it and create search the list feature

I found it pretty easy even though I was a bit scared so I was a little bit uncomfortable so keep in mind that you won’t be as good as you are when you code in a low-stress environment.
All together I am very satisfied and I got the offer day after.

I hope this will help, and good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Hi! Firstly congrats on the offer :sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::fireworks:

and thank you for the update. I really enjoy this kind of stuff. I think its really helpful to see the kinds of questions a junior dev may be exposed to in an interview.

Also if I can ask how did you find the position? Local job board?

Is there a reason why you deleted the name of the company that interviewed you?

I thought I was going crazy! I wanted to check them out lol

If you need company name I can dm it to you lol

I removed the name of the company because people invested time and effort to create interviewing process.
If someone from company googles anything related to the company they can easily find the post. And then they have to come up with the new concept.
I really want to help fellow campers with the interview process but without undermining someone’s work.

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Thanks for posting, it’s really helpful. Was preparing for an interview and stumbled upon your post.
And congrats on the offer of course!
Can I ask how your work is going so far? Do you enjoy it?