Erased Code after clearing browser history

Hi everyone!

While working on the “No repeats please” challenge, I ran into an infinite loop which froze my browser. I tried closing the tab and opening a new one, but every time I went back to the page with the challenge, it froze again. I finished solving the problem in an incognito tab, and went back to the challenge page in a normal tab, but it still froze (but it did show that I had passed the challenge). After some google/ FCC forum searching, I cleared my web history (just one day before) and the page was successfully unfrozen (clearing my code, but still showing that I passed the challenge).

However, I started looking at my other algorithm challenges (beginner, intermediate, and the ones before No Repeats Please in the advanced section) and I had passed all of them but all the code for them had been erased! (

Is there any way to restore this code? I worked pretty hard on all of them… :frowning:

Ah! I forgot about that! Thanks so much!! :slight_smile: