Error Access Denied for Sign up and Login

I am trying to create an account (or at least log in to an existing one), But I face a problem and it is not the first time…

Here is what I see:

Access Denied.

To protect the requested service, this request has been blocked or was unable to complete for other reasons.

Your IP Address

Request ID

I had sent an email to support[at], and there was no response. Any help or response to this problem would be appreciated. I am struggling with this problem for about a year…

how long ago did you send an email?

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I have sent it on Wed, Mar 29, 2023, 12:53 AM, from my personal email.

that is really a long time ago, I would suggest you send an other mail

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I was thinking so. Support team had been declared that

we will NOT get back to you if this email is not related to the queries about your account.

Will they answer me if I send another email? I have tried logging in with several IPs but there was no change. Does FCC’s policy restrict some countries from accessing the website?

Thank you for reaching out @Heparinsky .

I have replied to your email.

The just of the problem is:

We use Okta as our auth service provider, and a while ago they made changes to meet US regulation: Okta Help Center (Lightning)

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Thank you dear Shaun…
I understood it well…
That’s because of sanctions and not FCC’s issue. Thanks again for your kindness and responsibility :heart:

Do I need to open another topic for my problem with search bar? Because everytime I search, there is no suggestion. Also in results’ page, nothing is showed to me. Just blank page with website’s general template.

Yes, that could be helpful.

I am not familiar enough with our search bar, but would not be surprised if it was related to your location as well. Feel free to open a new topic, and we can find someone who could help answer the question, though.

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I am really thankful of you…
Thanks a lot again dear Shaun :heart:

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