Error - css lcurly expected

Hi, I’m not understanding the error I did as it is saying that there are problems, and css lcurly are expected in addition to that the background in my live server is not appearing from the css

Missing semicolons at the end of background and height. Semicolons are required after each css declaration.

Thank you I tried but the error for css lcurly always stay and it is still not appearing in my live server

use a semi-colon ; after each declaration. You’re using a colon :

If I use semi -colon after each declaration I got 10 errors lcurly expected

You are using colon : and semicolon ; in the wrong places.

The property and value should be separated with a colon : and the line should end with a semicolon ;


selector {
  property: value;


p {
 color: red;

like in the 1st image

but the issue when I do that it still produces errors

Two of the styles are still not ending with a semicolon ;

The background and height.

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