Error in code seems to be preventing me from editing my solution

I’m currently working on the Chunky Monkey algorithm problem, and I can’t edit my code at all. That is as soon as the page loads, it crashes and I can’t make any edits. Then I have to kill the tab and reopen it. I can try the challenges after it, and see my solutions to the one before it, but can’t work on this one.

My best guess as to why this is happening is that I have an error, causing an infinite loop (using a while loop). Any suggested solutions?

Emptying your browser cache should work.

If you don’t want to do that, you can open it in an other browser and complete the challenge there. You can then continue on your standard browser.

Thanks, it worked. But now I can never revisit the challenge on chrome…lol.

Edit: Unless I clear the cache that is.

You should be able to get there via your profile page.

And probably, if you run it, it will override the other code.

Right you are, for some reason it didn’t work at first.