Error in unit test import test module

I am new to the forum and this is my first query.

I am working on the assignments of “scientific computing with python course”. Out of which I am working on Budget assignment. I have finished writing my code and now trying to test it on replit.

While the code is perfectly fine, but it throws an error related to import of for automatic running of unit tests.

Here is the link to replit code of mine, I am not sure though if it is accessible to all.

Also a screenshot of the error that i am getting while running the code

Thank you very much in advance

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Hey, try approach described in this post - Loading nix environment doesn't stop - #4 by sanity

I read the instructions, but I am still confused. How do we clone it? Do we save this clone somewhere else and then delete it afterwards?

thank you very much, it worked for me

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