Error Message - Tribute Page


I’m having difficulty with clearing one item when testing my tribute page. I am continuously getting the following error message:

Try using the “max-width” style property : expected ‘none’ to not equal 'none’
AssertionError: Try using the “max-width” style property : expected ‘none’ to not equal 'none’

My tribute page is at

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could point out any error(s) that I’ve made with “responsive resizing and centering an image” and provide feedback on how I can make corrections.


I think what’s happening is that the test can’t find what it needs to. The instructions say:

User Story #3: I should see a div element with a corresponding id=“img-div”.

I look in your code and see this:

<figure id="img-div">

That is a figure, not a div.

And the instructions also say:

User Story #4:** Within the img-div element, I should see an img element with a corresponding id="image" .

<img class="img" src="" alt="Marva Collin consoling student in the classroom of the Westside Preparatory Academy">

I don’t see the correct ID there.

Yes, the error message isn’t as helpful it could be, but it is difficult to write tests that way.

A very important skill in web dev is paying attention to little tiny details. Nurture that skill. Read the requirements very closely.

Thank your very much for the clarification Kevin! I went back and fixed those details and it worked. :+1:t5::grinning:

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