Error:Redux is not defined

Whenever I try to solve Redux Freecodecamp Challenges I always get -
Uncaught Reference error: Redux is not defined
So, what should I do?

const reducer = (state = 5) => {
 return state;
// Redux methods are available from a Redux object
// For example: Redux.createStore()
// Define the store here:
const store = Redux.createStore(reducer)

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Challenge: Create a Redux Store

Link to the challenge:

Sorry but I am not able to reproduce this error. When I use the code you have posted above in this challenge it passes the tests without any error. Can you try in a different browser and see if it still gives an error?

It’s working for me as well.

I have tried in Mozilla Firefox but it still gives the error -
Reference error : Redux is not defined
So, what should I do ?

just ignore that question and start doing other

This error is coming in every Redux questions from Freecodecamp