ES2018 First Look - it changes everything


hmmmm … interesting … will take a while to get used to all those . i see no problem with … (){} to me it makes it clearer whats going on lol … but for the quicker typing the . will be super quick … but being that today is April 1 …

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Rather dry but still humorous, in a silly way.

Remember to pass in the argument ( AF2017 ) to get ES2018 support in Babel, else it won’t work!


I knew they’ll make it simple one day.
I just knew it.

Thank God for dot notation!!!
This is all I’ve been dreaming of.
what a victory for human kind.

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AAARGH… Was just getting used to JS syntax… Ok… Looks more comfortable tho:3
Edit: Forgot what day it is-.-

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Reading/watching this announcement at 2am right after coming home from a bar … took me some time actually :smiley:

damn this is good lol

I’m not sure if this is a april fools, looking at my mdn this morning…

I didn’t understand was dot-syntaxis a joke or not? If it is not a joke, I will drop to learn JS right now! The code will become shity mess with all that dot-crap.