I am a newbie, but ES6 seems to just complicate javascript

I am a newbie, so I most likely don’t know anything, but it seems ES6 part of the javascript course seems to just complicate javascript.

Personal opinion:
ES6 is awesome and made JS a far more enjoyable language to work with.

However I agree that sometimes the syntax enhancement comes to the expense of easiness to read.

It will take time, but once used to, I am sure you will write more ES6-ish syntax than you realise :slight_smile:

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I really hope so. However, for now, ES6 seems to be formatting the little java I know. :sob: :sob: Hopefully there are better days ahead.

Many of the additions that ES6 brought are less human-readable than the JavaScript that you are used to. In some cases, that’s sort of the point. It replaces frequently used verbose logic with something much shorter and more consistent than user implementation of the same behavior. With experience, you’ll get extremely familiar with the tools that you use frequently and you’ll be able to read them without thinking about it. Then you’ll run into something that you almost never have a reason to use and have to go look it up. That’s fine. I had to do it yesterday with function currying. It doesn’t make it less cool or make me a bad developer.

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