ES6 challenge uses concepts that aren't taught in previous challenges

Looking at past questions from previous contributors, the beginning of the ES6 module creates a lot of confusion to new people trying to work out these challenges.
Some of the advice given is to skip it and come back to it, or its tough for everyone.

Wouldn’t it be a better route to map out the challenges in a better more comprehensive way in a manner that teaches people better rather than just tell people to deal with it?
I am not one to back down from a challenge, but when as a new person to freeCodeCamp I hit challenges that aren’t based in the information previously given, its not a learning experience anymore.

Do these challenges ever get re-written to reflect feedback or should I give up?

The curriculum is under constant development. The next version will be a fairly large structural redesign and you can read about it here:

If you would like to contribute to the next version of the curriculum, you should look at the FAQ thread in the Contributors subforum:

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I thank you for your reply! I appreciate a point in the direction where I can contribute once I become comfortable with the new knowledge.
Good to know there are kind souls out there that help!

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