Escape sequence in strings problem number 133 var%20myStr%3D"FirsLine\nSecondLine\rThirdLine"%3B%2F%2F%20Change%20this%20line%20 <-- link to problem

Problem 133
I missing the first and fourth Objective and I dont understand why ?

You misspelled firstLine and you didn’t include any backslashes.

Note that the backslash itself must be escaped in order to display as a backslash.

var myStr=“FirsLine\nSecondLine\rThirdLine”;// Change this line

Im still missing the first objective point
which is
-myStr should have encoded text with the proper escape sequences and no spacing.

What does it mean by encoding ?

For example 1\n2 is encoded, because if you console.log("1\n2") it will not literally print 1\n2 but:
1 2