ESP8266 ir RC522 programmming with PIC?

Hi all! i’m 20, i’m studying electronic engineering, second grade, i’m stuck on programming.

I’m working on my semester work, so with arduino language software i know how to use it and i know how to do it, on the internet i can find a lot of codes, but! if i want to use PIC everything needs to do from scratch… and hard to find something on internet… maybe there’s any suggestions? Because with PIC’s i kindof new and i really need help with programming.

First i need to use PIC and ESP8266 and i want to send an email. What kind of AT command’s need to use i know, but i don’t know how to realize it…

Second thing, i want to use RC522 RFID reader and one thing what i need to do with it, just read tag UID and that’s it.

I appreciate any programming knowledge, thanks!