Every page is 404 except the homepage

only the homepage works the other links doesnt work it gives 404 i tried doing htaccess but it did not work what can i do?

You’re using React Router, right? Then the errors are correct, there are no URLs that actually exist except for the index page, the others are just pretend ones that a user of the app is pushing into the browser history.

You need to tell your server to redirect to the index page when there’s a 404, that’s specific to the server so I don’t know

well how can i do that?

I don’t know, I use Amazon S3 and it’s basically just a set of checkboxes

Where did you deploy your project to?

its a domestic hosting provider its kinda old so i wasnt able to figure out eighter its not that big of a company.

Maybe you can check the docs for that hosting provider and there might be a section in there on how to fix it.

I was having the same issue with Netlify and the solution was in the docs on how to fix it.

it somehow got fixed i dont know i dont mind its good thanks for helping me out though.


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