Excel Filtering Tool to HTML

Hi there.

I should start off by saying I have no experience with HTML at all but is something I’d like to learn more about. reverse phone lookup For a project, I’ve created a somewhat large table that, using Excels sort and filter tool, people can filter based on what they’re interested in (i.e. by Author, Year Published, etc.)

It’s entirely functional in and of itself but, pcpartpicker by recommendation, I need to turn this into a website in HTML. My question is: How would I go about doing this?

Simply saving the document as a .HTML file obviously doesn’t save the filtering tool and doesn’t appear to save it as a table, so any table filtering code I’ve found online doesn’t work.

Any and all help is appreciated.

You will need to learn both HTML and JavaScript to accomplish the task. I suggest starting here and then work your way through the entire JavaScript curriculum section.